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Winter Construction leverages all aspects of technology and innovative practices throughout every phase of construction from design, preconstruction, construction, and facility management to leovegas casino bonus code and build better, more efficiently.

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By integrating innovative technology and tools at every stage, Winter generates accurate cost and provides quantity information.

LeoVegas bonusWe also are able to better identify and solve problems earlier for you, coordinating projects to eliminate time-consuming errors and deliver successful projects.

With seamless coordination, collaboration, and communication of project timelines, Winter’s clients and end-users can maintain effective building systems.

Technology and tools that we incorporate include a constantly evolving landscape of hardware and software technology. Our tools include Building Information Modeling / Virtual Design Construction (VDC), laser scanning, 4D Simulations, Drone / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photography and Quality Control, Field Integration through mobile tools, 3D Printing, and Augmented / Virtual Reality.

Winter’s Preconstruction and Operations teams participate in project planning and LeoVegas bonusscheduling for all projects. Additionally, Winter’s in-house Construction Technology team, which includes Building Information Modeling (BIM), creates 3D and 4D models and images to assist in the planning and scheduling process. The Construction Technology team continuously works with Preconstruction and Operations throughout all stages of construction by using types of imaging and modeling software and other relevant technology that is specific to the needs of the project.


With our integrated technology and seamless collaboration with the Preconstruction team, we can quickly visualize changes from design iterations and provide cost implications associated with the program additions and deletions. By generating this information rapidly, all stakeholders can see the impact of leovegas casino bonus codechanges both in real-time and dollars and cents.

Virtual Reality

Seeing your project virtually from every possible angle ensures that each component is evaluated and determined before you finalize concepts, materials, elevation, location, and other critical decisions.

Using building information models, Virtual Reality (VR) allows project teams and clients to immerse themselves in simulated version of their soon-to-be-built or renovated space. With Augmented Reality (AR), we demonstrate how the existing space will be enhanced upon project completion. AR also shows progress with additional work or completed work overlaid to illustrate next steps and to confirm correct placement of infrastructure, systems, and skin.

Virtual and Augmented Reality help us use models leovegas mobile appand mock-ups by immersing you within the future of your building’s design and enabling earlier and more productive decision making.

4D Modeling

Winter uses 4D modeling to show how the job can be scheduled or phased to accomplish successful completion, as well as find ways to save time and money by adjusting the schedule. Once the model is tied to the project schedule, our team ensures the most efficient and optimal schedule is used and maintained.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a method of technology implementation that improves our ability to support project services during every project phase. Winter Construction’s in-house BIM team, part of the larger Construction Technology department, assists with our core preconstruction and operations services, and the team LeoVegas bonusalso collaborates with our design partners, subcontractors, and facility management teams.