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We are building for tomorrow today. Our environmental efforts and commitment to sustainable development extend beyond LEED and basic regulatory compliance. We are dedicated to doing the right thing – achieving an optimal alignment of environmental goals with the project goals of our clients.

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leovegas casino reviewAt Winter, we know that being green is good for business. Whether you want a LEED® certified building or just want the benefits of sustainable materials and building, we can help make sure your project is as environmentally friendly as you want it to be.


Winter has led the sustainable charge for many years and has implemented innovative, cost-effective solutions designed to ensure that what we build together today contributes to a sustainable future.

Winter is uniquely positioned to offer an environmental, construction, and development perspective to any project considering a sustainable design emphasis. As a general contractor, we manage the building process to minimize unnecessary environmental impacts. We apply systems that incorporate our sustainable leovegas casinoinitiatives by implementing onsite waste remediation, material consolidation, salvaging, and recycling. We are dedicated to responsible erosion control measures and environmentally sensitive site preparation. Whenever possible we select or recommend materials and equipment that contribute to the long-term efficiency of the building. Winter has extensive experience with LEED® requirements and sustainable, future-oriented construction practices. We look for opportunities to provide material that exceeds the specifications and creates better business value, at no additional cost.

LEED Gold Plaque at Winter's Office


Our staff of LEED® accredited professionals look forward to sharing our green building experience and insights with you.

Paying for Itself

leovegas casinoWinter installed a geothermal heating and cooling system to serve the 74,000 square-foot Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Upper School campus. Construction of the system of wells required extensive erosion control measures and clean-up. Because of the unique geothermal conductivity of the site, the school was able to eliminate 40 of the originally planned wells. The client’s energy savings generated by the geothermal system paid the system off in four years.

Saving Elephants

Because conserving energy and protecting the environment align with Zoo Atlanta’s mission, it was only natural to target LEED Silver for the Scaly, Slimy, Spectacular! Reptile and Amphibian Exhibit project. The Exhibit features 60,000 gallons of water and more than 9,700 square leovegas casino bonus codefeet of hand-crafted rockwork designed to simulate some of the planet’s most iconic wild ecosystems. The complex is home to nearly 100 animals representing more than 70 species from around the world. Highlights include a 30-foot naturalistic waterfall feeding into a large American alligator habitat, where guests can enjoy close views of the native reptiles.

Ultimately, the building achieved LEED Gold certification, exceeding the Owner’s goal of Silver. In addition to securing a local source for carpet, cement, and other materials, Winter helped redirect 127 tons of construction waste into recycling programs, a savings equivalent to the weight of 17 adult male elephants. Interior air quality is also a critical criterion for leovegas casinoLEED evaluation, and Winter was able to find low-emitting paints, sealants, and adhesives to meet and exceed the stringent LEED standards.