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Where expertise meets precision in every project.
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What We Build

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Clear communication and effective collaboration are integral to our preconstruction process.

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Identify and understand project specific challenges


Provide creative solutions to meet our clients’ needs


Provide timely feedback that allows informed decision making


Maintain quality at a competitive price

Our team is prepared to assist during all phases of design development – from concept to completion.

Integrated Approach

Winter's preconstruction team works hand in hand with the project team to provide creative solutions for LeoVegas bonusbudgetary, technical and schedule related challenges.


It is our team's primary responsibility to provide real-time, accurate information to allow for informed decisions as the design develops.

Detailed Budgets

Winter provides detailed estimates at every phase broken down by phase, trade or area. Budgets are accompanied by graphic information and descriptions of types of systems and building materials used.


Our project team works with preconstruction to develop the project schedule and site logistics plan.

Systems Analysis

Using extensive knowledge of LeoVegas bonusmajor systems and associated costs and constructability considerations, Winter analyzes various options early in design.

Value Analysis

Winter's team will provide multiple options to keep construction costs within budget without losing intended function.

Our relationships with our trade partners are invaluable. At Winter, we know that we succeed as a team.

Building Relationships

Winter is focused on creating real opportunities

Winter uses its pre-qualification system to match the trade partners with the right project.

Winter is focused on supporting subcontractors

Our leovegas mobile appgoal is to simplify the process and allow us to better match project opportunities to appropriate subcontractors.

Winter is focused on ensuring personal contact

Winter’s annual Open House, monthly subcontractor Round-Tables, and frequent vendor Lunch-and-Learns allow our partners to have a face and a voice within our organization.

Work with Winter

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Building Great Experiences Every Day
Let’s build something together.